Fred Seidler
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Imposing 6’2” & 240 lbs

Fred is a dedicated, professionally trained actor living in New York City and Bridgewater CT. He can tackle a wide range of roles – from dark portrayals to pained protagonists to comedic side-kicks.


  1. Fred will appear on True Crime with Aphorodite Jones on the Investigation Discovery network on May 25th at 9PM playing convicted murderer Charles Capone. Check out the press piece featured on News Channel 8 WFLA

  2. Now in post-production, Fred plays Benny (supporting role) in My Brother's Keeper (full feature), a mobster caught between a rock and a hard place.

  3. Fred took on the lead role of George, a downtrodden middle-aged man forced to confront the mistakes of his past. Cheap Medicine was the winner of the Johns Hopkins University's Stephen Dixon ‘Best Short Film Award.’ Please click on
    link below to view. The password is “CM”

Other recent film credits include…

  1. Enlightenments – a political TV drama by Wilson Mbiavanga. Fred played the role of a Fixer caught up in a modern day clash between two secret societies battling for power in D.C. Enlightenments is an official selection of The Best Short Competition.
    Please click on link below to view. The
    password is “nopiece”

  1. Scratch – Fred portrays a killer henchman that meets his demise in a feature short now being entered into major film festivals.